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Peaches and Cream

Generated in the heart of Liverpool, ultra-glam beauty brand Peaches and Cream have become an increasingly popular name in the world of makeup. Founded by two passionate, students Kate and Nic, who decided to collaborate and share their knowledge and love for makeup; this impressive line of amazing eyeshadow pigments, fluttery false eyelashes and base makeup products is well-loved for good reason. 

With something to suit everyone and every occasion imaginable, Peaches and Cream also offer their professional services to the public in their Liverpool based salon. Using their own products, they offer appointments in which you can receive a makeover consisting of their signature smoky eye look, and amazing, heavy contouring. 

Perfect for both professional and personal use, Peaches and Cream products are high quality, versatile and offer outstanding results. Whether you require a pigmented, shimmer-rich eye shadow, or a gorgeous, glowy highlighter, their collection has it all, allowing you to easily achieve your own customised look in the comfort of your own home. 

Peaches and Cream products are often difficult to find on the high street, but not to worry - you can now purchase their items from us directly here at All of our Peaches and Cream products are 100% genuine, we only sell authentic goods. Every order placed with us also comes with FREE 1st Class delivery in the UK, so why wait any longer? Order with us right now!