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Top 5 Japonesque Beauty Tools

Top 5 Japonesque Beauty Tools

Attempting to achieve professional results when applying your makeup, isn’t always easy. It can take practise, patience (and a little bit of stress), however if you ensure your makeup collection is stocked with these few essential beauty tools, then you are already off to a great start! We’re focusing on well-loved brand Japonesque this week and their eye products that experts swear by.


Whether they’re for applying lashes or plucking away unwanted hairs, tweezers are a makeup bag must-have. The Japonesque Artisan Slant Tip Tweezer is a top choice amongst makeup artists as it has been specifically designed to be perfectly balanced, allowing for precision and an effortless extraction of hairs from the root. They also come in a stunning, cheetah print design making them pretty and practical.

Eyelash Curlers:

Who doesn’t want the look of longer, perfectly curled lashes? Eyelash curlers are a product that has remained consistently relevant in the beauty world, and continues to be used by professionals everywhere. Prior to applying mascara and/or false lashes – eyelash curlers provide a little lift that improves the performance of other eye products.

The Japoneqsue Precision Eyelash Curler offers a slight twist to the classic eyelash curler, as it features a narrower cage that focuses on curling smaller sections of lashes, allowing you to curl wherever you desire.

Brow Groomers:

For flawless brows - maintenance and grooming is essential. What better way to manage the upkeep of unruly hairs than with the amazing, multi-tasking Japonesque Brow Groomer/Scissor Comb? This clever tool consists of both a brow trimmer and built in comb, for great results in a few simple steps.

Eyeliner Brush:

Applying eyeliner can be tricky and time consuming, but it should no longer be an issue thanks to the Japonesque 150 Degree Point Eyeliner Brush. This specially engineered brush is angled for a comfortable hold and easy, precise application of your favourite eyeliner. Ensure you are in control and easily achieve impeccable eyeliner with this incredible invention!

Brow/Lash Comb:

Shaping your brows begins with tidying them. The Japonesque Pro Brow and Lash Comb is a dual purpose beauty tool that enables you to easily groom your brows, as well as separating your lashes. Precision crafted for high quality results; this comb is small but mighty!

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