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Squeaky Clean Brush Routine

Squeaky Clean Brush Routine

When it comes to applying makeup, we all tend to rely heavily on our favourite brushes and beauty tools. Frequent use of these results in a daily build-up of bacteria, which can then effect the application of products, as well as leading to break outs and serious skin disasters! To prevent this from happening and ensuring your brushes remain hygienic and squeaky clean, we recommend giving them a deep cleanse with warm water and a top quality cleansing product on a weekly basis.

Real Techniques Cleansing Palette:

To achieve the best results, we recommend using a cleansing palette such as the Real Techniques one as it is the most hygienic, easy way to ensure your brushes are free from makeup and germs. Simply follow the steps below to give your makeup brushes a deep cleanse:

Step 1:

Slip the palette onto your hand (like a glove) – it is designed to fit comfortably. Carefully distribute a small drop of brush cleansing gel onto the brush you are about to clean. We recommend using the Real Techniques Deep Cleansing Gel to improve the performance of your makeup brushes. This alcohol free formula has been dermatologically tested making it suitable for even sensitive skin types. Add warm water to the cleansing palette.

Step 2:

Swirl the brush into the cleansing gel and warm water on the surface of the palette, working up a lather. The multi-textured surface of the palette is designed to gently work between brush bristles for an effective clean without damaging or misshaping them. Continue this step until your brush is completely clean.

Step 3:

Rinse the brush thoroughly with more warm water to ensure all soap suds and residue are gone.

Step 4:

Use the palette to rest the brushes on until they are dry.

Top tips:

  • Water only needs to be warm to kill bacteria
  • Wash twice for a deep clean, and repeat if needed
  • Thoroughly rinse cleansing product out, and squeeze brush to rid excess water
  • Leave flat on a towel or cleansing palette to air dry for 1-2 days (length of time depends on density of brush)
  • Repeat steps on a weekly basis!

Travel friendly option:

For a quick and easy alternative, solid brush cleansers work great and are perfect for taking travelling due to their non-liquid form. We are loving the Japonesque Solid Brush Cleanser (gentle goat milk cleansing balm) it is ideal for packing in your suitcase for holidays and even comes in a coconut scent too which smells absolutely delicious!

The luxurious emollient formula works to deeply cleanse brushes, expertly eliminating bacteria, dirt and germs while providing a thorough wash. To use, moisten the makeup brush head and swirl on to the surface of the balm to dissolve makeup instantly.

Once the foam has removed visible impurities, rinse the brush ensuring the bristles are clear of all product, and position flat leaving it to dry naturally. This fab cleanser also conditions your brushes so they remain top quality at all times! After each use, quickly rinse the balm under running water or gently wipe to refresh it.

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