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Perfect for Professionals: Makeup Must-Haves

Perfect for Professionals: Makeup Must-Haves


If you’re a makeup artist, you will know that one of the most important steps is to ensure you have a fully stocked, up to date kit consisting of all of the best, essential tools and products. From makeup brushes, to beauty sponges and eyeshadow palettes – investing in the correct equipment will guarantee the most flawless, high definition results. Here at we cater to all levels of expertise, including professional makeup artists, so we thought we would comprise a little checklist of our top, must-have products to include in your collection.

Beauty tools

Application is key when it comes to achieving a smooth, seamless complexion and therefore enlisting the correct brushes and tools is extremely important. Makeup artists not only have a wide variety of different clients, they also offer makeup for numerous occasions, meaning they need an extensive range of brushes that are versatile, high quality and can adapt to accommodate all of their appointments.

The Beau Belle Hollywood Makeup Brush Set is a professional, 32 piece kit that offers every single brush you can think of. Ranging from eyeshadow to base brushes, as well as lip, eyebrow and eyeliner brushes; this impressive set also comes in a black wrap case that allows you to take your entire collection on the go with ease. Specially designed with ultra-plush bristles, each brush offers a soft focus finish and even application of a multitude of makeup products, making them perfect for professional use.

Almost every makeup artist is guaranteed to have some kind of beauty sponge. Here at, we of course stock the best in the business. Known and loved for arguably being the original beauty sponge, beautyblender is an easy to use alternative to makeup brushes and is best used damp for an effortless, impeccable blend every time. Its elliptical shape is easy to hold and delivers a streak free base, for a gorgeous, airbrushed appearance. We recommend professionals use the beautyblender Pro Sponge as it results in a fuller coverage finish in comparison to the original beautyblender. The pointed tip is shaped to tackle hard to reach areas such as the under eye, allowing the ultimate precision.

False Eyelashes

Modern day makeup is not complete without a pair of false eyelashes. With so many brands available from high to low end, makeup artists look for affordability as well as quality. Ardell is one of the most prominent names in the eyelash industry, and their Wispy styles are a go-to for many lash lovers. The brand new Wispies multipack is ideal for ensuring your kit is always fully stocked with a pair of this full, fluttery design. It adds length and wearable volume without being too drastic, making them a style that is suitable for everyone. They can also easily be double stacked for a customised look, adding double the drama.

The most reliable adhesive in the game, is of course DUO, and no makeup collection is complete without a decent, high quality eyelash glue. Available in a range of different tones and finishes, this trustworthy falsies companion provides a safe, firm hold that is long-lasting yet gentle to the eyes. The clear drying formula is the most popular choice, and offers incredible staying power.

Applying lashes comes with practise, and in place of traditional tweezers, comes the latest way to apply your falsies – a lash applicator. With a similar design to tweezers, but featuring a larger head that is specifically shaped and curved to hold a false eyelash, this handy little tool speeds up the application process, offering a quick, precise positioning of the lash against your lash line and it is also much cleaner than using your hands.


Makeup is the most obvious item to be included in this post, and it’s almost too much of a wide scale to focus on, however the current beauty craze that sets one makeup artist away from the rest, is the use of eyeshadow palettes. Eye makeup is the most common look requested in a makeover appointment, as it is an art that can be difficult to master yourself. From full blown smokes, to softer shimmers, the Violet Voss Ride or Die palette boasts a kaleidoscope of beautiful colours that can be used to create almost any look. From mattes to shimmers, and warm to cool toned shades this impressive palette consists of a massive 42 different colours. Their formula is highly pigmented, easy to blend and super longwearing making this popular palette a great choice for expert level artists.


Last but not least, accessories are essential to completing your makeup kit. From practising good hygiene, to organisation – they allow you to differentiate between being an avid makeup fan and reaching a professional standard. The House of Lashes Lash Story Pro Edition is the stylish way to store your lashes. With room for up to 22 pairs of lashes, as well as any other eyelash accessories, this stunning pale pink, book-style design is compact and easy to carry.

To allow the best performance out of your products and beauty tools, cleaning is key as it eliminates any build-up of bacteria without compromising the quality of your brushes. We understand that as a makeup artist, a deep clean can take up quite a lot of time, so in between washes we recommend using a quick-drying alternative such as the Look Good Feel Better Antibacterial Brush Sanitiser Foam. Simply squirt a couple of pumps of product into the palm of your hand, and one by one swirl each brush into the formula. This cleans the brushes and dries within 30 seconds, making them ready for use again in under a minute. This innovative product is ideal for using on a busy day in between clients to ensure your kit remains ultra-hygienic and in top condition. 

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