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Master Your Makeup With Oval Brushes

Master Your Makeup With Oval Brushes

Want to apply your makeup like a professional? Oval makeup brushes are the latest innovative beauty tools that offer a superior application of a multitude of products, ensuring a high quality, expert finish.

The Beau Belle Oval Mastery Brush Set is the perfect kit consisting of the essential brushes needed to achieve a flawless base and incredible eyes with minimal effort required. Their stunning, metallic gold design is bang on trend and the brushes work to delicately bend and flex to the contours of your face, for easy use and high definition results. This impressive set also comes with a super chic travel pot allowing you to store your brushes elegantly on your dressing table, or take them on the go when travelling.

What makes oval brushes so special and unique? Why is there so much hype surrounding these strange looking tools?

The specifically shaped brush heads are large and flat, packed with incredibly dense, soft bristles for an airbrushed appearance. The density means less effort is needed to blend in products, and the flexible, slightly tilted handles allow for precision. If you love a smooth, seamless complexion and a quick and easy application of your makeup, then oval brushes could just be the best beauty purchase you make.

The smaller brushes are the perfect shape and size to fit under your eyes to buff and blend your concealer in and effortlessly glide eyeshadow on in a few simple steps. They work alongside an array of products ranging from liquid to powder and cream; no makeup is off limits, making these brushes highly versatile. Their sturdy, lightweight design also makes them practical, and their easy to clean, silky soft bristles remain in tip top condition if cared for correctly. Oval makeup brushes are certainly worthy of their rave reviews!

Each Beau Belle Oval Mastery Brush Pot contains the following, high quality brushes:

OV1 - Foundation/Setting Powder/Blush/Bronzer
OV2 - Bronzer/Blush/Concealer/Foundation/Setting Powder
OV3 - Contour/Eyeshadow/Concealer/Setting Powder
OV4 - Eyeshadow/Concealer
LI1 - Eyeliner/Eyeshadow/Eyebrow/Concealer
LI2 - Eyebrow/Eyeshadow/Eyeliner
CI1 - Lip/Eyeshadow/Concealer
CI2 - Concealer/Lip/Eyebrow/Eyeshadow


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