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How to Apply your Eyeliner Perfectly Everytime

How to Apply your Eyeliner Perfectly Everytime

Applying eyeliner is often a dreaded task that is difficult to nail, however we have a few tips and tricks to help provide a quick and easy way to ensure your eyeliner is always on point!

First of all, decide which eyeliner you would like to apply. For the highest pigment opt for liquid such as the L.A Girl Mark My Eyes Eyeliner, for long-lasting results choose gel and for a slightly softer finish go for a pencil. We recommend having some cotton buds handy as well as a cleanser or micellar water to easily eliminate and correct any mistakes or smudges.

Secondly, choose your brush. If you struggle to get a good angle when applying eyeliner, then try using a slanted brush like the LAB2 Always On Point Slanted Eyeliner Brush to make things a little easier. If you’re a bit more confident or require a bolder, thicker line use a flat brush like the Japonesque Pro Eyeliner Brush Flat.

The best way to achieve a smooth, even application of eyeliner is to have some kind of guide. We also recommend lightly drawing three, spaced out dots across the eyelid, so you can easily join them together in one, simple stroke. The beautyblender liner designer has been specially crafted to provide a steady hand and perfectly symmetrical wings! Featuring three curved edges, this easy to use tool allows the ultimate control, letting you build up the amount of product you require, whilst achieving a smooth, straight line.

If you are wanting a more dramatic, winged eyeliner then the easiest way to apply the product, is from the outer corner of the eye inwards. Start by drawing a little ‘tail’ at the very end of your lash line, then carefully drag your brush along to the inner corner, ensuring the wing is fully joined all the way along.

To really complete your eye look, you can also use the new Barely Cosmetics Hard Definer Sponge as a guide not only for your eyeliner, but to create a winged eyeshadow finish. The pointed, flat edge has been designed to provide the perfect, guide for neatly applying eyeliner, and winging your eyeshadow out with ease. You can then use the rounded edge of this sponge to tackle your base makeup, contouring and defining your way to a flawless finish.

Some top tips:

  • Before applying any eye makeup, ensure your lids are perfectly prepped. Apply an eye primer to guarantee longevity, then use concealer as this lets the shadow and liner to adhere to the eyelids better.
  • When applying heavy eye makeup consisting of shadow and liner, always do this before applying your base makeup, that way you can easily correct any mistakes and eliminate ‘fall down’ without compromising and ruining your entire makeup.
  • Use a cotton bud soaked in micellar water to easily swipe around your eyeliner to neaten up the edges for a sharper look.
  • For best results, use a small, compact mirror to allow for precision and an easier application.

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