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How to Achieve a Smoky Eye in 5 Simple Steps

How to Achieve a Smoky Eye in 5 Simple Steps

A smoky eye is one of the most iconic and popular makeup looks you can go for, as it simply doesn’t date, and the good news is; it can be effortlessly recreated! As long as you have the correct tools and products, and practise the following few techniques, you will soon be able to easily achieve a stunning, smoky eye.

Step one: select your shades and prime

Before applying any products, you need to decide which colour shadows you’d like to go for. Whether you prefer silvers and gun metal greys, or warm browns and bronze shimmers; any shade will work when creating a smoked out finish. We suggest selecting a lighter, more subtle colour as your base, adding darker tones as you go along.

Once you have chosen your colours, you then need to prepare the eyelids for a full shadow application. This step is hugely important as it will not only allow the shadow to go on smoothly and evenly, it will also ensure a long-lasting hold. Use an eye primer and gently apply this all over the lid with your fingertips, and follow with a concealer, this will prevent your eye makeup from smudging. Use a brush with a small, flat head and pat the concealer onto the lid. This eliminates any imperfections and dark shadowing, while perfectly prepping the eyes for applying any eyeshadow.

Step two: apply a base colour over the entire lid

Using a fluffy blending brush, softly apply a light brown or grey working the brush in circular motions. The best thing about smoky eyes, is they don’t necessarily have to be neat, so don’t worry if they don’t look perfect at first.

Step three: add a deeper colour into the crease and blend in

When you have applied your base colour, use a smaller brush to apply a darker shadow into the crease of your eye, blending it in. A top tip for this step is to apply small amounts of product, and gradually build it up to create the depth you desire, as it is much easier to add eyeshadow, than it is to remove it without ruining the whole thing!

Step four: add a shimmer finish shadow to the centre of the lid

Like most things in life, a smoky eye always looks better with a touch of sparkle! For a subtle yet effective look, stick to matte shadows for your base colours, and then add a slightly shimmering charcoal and press this onto the centre of the lid using a brush with a denser head. Pressing it down instead of excessively blending will allow for a more stand-out appearance, and will result in the glittery pigments showing up more.

Step five: finish by applying some false eyelashes and a stroke of liquid eyeliner

No dramatic makeup look is complete without eyeliner or false eyelashes! If you’re opting for a more subtle smoky eye, then instead of eyeliner, use a dark brown or black powder shadow, and apply this just under the waterline using an angled eyeliner brush. This will make your eyes look larger in comparison to applying liner directly on the waterline, and it will also provide a softer, more smoked out finish. For those that love an intense eye, apply a stroke of liquid eyeliner to the lash line, and follow by applying your favourite pair of false eyelashes to complete the look.

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