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Flawless Brows in Under Five Minutes

Flawless Brows in Under Five Minutes

Everyone knows the impact a good set of brows has on the rest of your look - not only do eyebrows frame your eyes but also your face, enhancing your features and setting the standard for the rest of your makeup. When it comes to your day to day routine, getting a quick fix is often on everyone’s agenda, and an effortless eyebrow routine is essential. You don’t have to spend hours applying product alongside any complicated tools, just follow these straightforward steps in order to easily achieve impeccable, enviable eyebrows!


The initial step when achieving perfectly shaped eyebrows is to tweeze any stray hairs in order to create the look you want. Work your way from the ‘tail’ to the starting point of your brows, removing any outgrown hairs and defining your shape and arch as you go. Don’t forget to tidy in between each eyebrow; because let’s face it, no one likes a monobrow...


When applying makeup to the brows, using a heavy but blendable product is the best way to outline your shape. Brow pomades are ideal for this step, we recommend using the Eylure Brow Pomade which is available in three different shades. Choose a shade that is closest to your natural hair colour, or a shade lighter for a softer look. Use an angled eyebrow brush for the ultimate precision, such as the Japonesque Pro Angled Brow Definer Brush and neatly line underneath the brow. Repeat this step and apply product to the top of the eyebrow, so you have a clear stencil of where you want to fill in your brows. Use a spoolie or brow brush to blend away any harsh lines and work the product up into the hairs.

Fill in

If you love a dramatic look, then continue to use the Eylure Brow Pomade for this step. For a more subtle finish, opt for an eyebrow pencil such as the Ardell Brow Pencil. Again - select the shade that suits you and simply fill in the outlined shape of your brow, with gentle ‘hair-like’ strokes to create a naturally enhanced effect.


Ensure your brows remain firmly in place by sealing them once you have achieved the colour and shape you desire. Wax products such as the Eylure Brow Tame and Define Wax work to nourish the brow, whilst making sure it is groomed to perfection and set for a long-lasting hold. This product is enriched with rosemary and sweet almond oil, as well as plant waxes for a durable yet gentle finish. Its versatility means it can be used alone if you prefer to go au natural with your brows, or it can also be used to set other products.


For a completed look, apply highlighter to the brow bone, underneath each eyebrow for a ‘wide eyed’ effect and to allow for a cleaner, more distinct appearance. We suggest using something like the Eylure Brow Luminizer for a quick and easy application. This dual ended product features a matte brown shade on one end, and a shimmery highlighter on the other providing a gorgeously glowy, illuminated result in just a few seconds. 

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