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Five Steps to Long-Lasting Makeup

Five Steps to Long-Lasting Makeup

Every girl applies their makeup in the morning with the hope of it remaining perfectly in place all day. However, if you don’t use the correct products or techniques, then you’ll often find yourself rushing to the bathroom for an emergency, midday touch up! Follow these few simple steps and use these products in the correct order, for a guaranteed flawless face that lasts all day long.

Step one:

Priming the skin is essential for creating the perfect canvas and smooth, moisturised base. Good makeup application always starts with skincare, and a primer is an impressive hybrid that combines makeup and skincare in one, for twice as many benefits. Apply your primer following your daily skincare routine (after moisturiser) and allow it to sink in for approximately 60 seconds. You can use a brush to apply your primer to reduce the risk of breakouts, we recommend trying the Prep Brush from the Real Techniques Prep and Prime Set to evenly distribute your primer. Once fully absorbed, you can then follow with your favourite foundation or for a lighter coverage opt for a BB Cream like the L.A Girl Pro BB Cream HD High Definition Beauty Balm

Step two:

If you tend to wear eye makeup regularly, then using an eye primer before you’re applying your shadow is a must. Not only does it allow the shadow to hold to your skin better, it provides the perfect base and allows for a long-lasting finish. The L.A Girl PRO Primer HD High Definition Eyeshadow Primer boasts a smooth, non-sticky formula that works to eliminate any dark circles and fine lines, whilst preparing the surface of your eye lids for a full, shadow and liner application.

Step three:

Selecting a foundation that suits your needs is highly important as the majority of foundations are suited for specific skin types and cater to personal requirements. For example if you only require a light coverage, or a dewy finish then a BB cream or a moisturising product targeted towards dry skin is the best option. If you’re looking for full coverage and a long-wearing product, but still want a glowing complexion, opt for the L.A Girl PRO Coverage HD Long Wear Illuminating Liquid Foundation.  Available in a wide range of shades, this stunning product provides impressive coverage, a dewy finish and long-lasting results.

Apply this foundation using a damp beautyblender (we’re currently crushing on the beautyblender swirl). Gently dab the product on in circular motions, and continue to reapply depending on the finish you desire.

Step Four

Powder products are designed for longevity and to set/seal your foundation and concealer. The L.A. Girl PRO Powder HD High Definition Setting Powder is made from minerals and delivers a smooth, buildable coverage that can be worn alone, on top of foundation or in targeted areas such as under the eyes, and under the cheekbones

Step Five

Last but most importantly - you need a product that will hold your makeup in place and effectively set it to ensure it lasts. Setting sprays are the perfect finishing touch for creating a budge-free base, and the L.A Girl PRO Setting HD High Definition Matte Finish Setting Spray has been designed to not only seal your makeup, but to mattify the skin, eliminating any excess oil for an impeccable complexion. If you don’t want a matte finish, but are looking for a setting spray, the Japonesque Makeup Setting Spray consists of an invisible, quick-drying formula that leaves a delicate, non-sticky mist over your face, helping to protect your makeup from all kinds of weather conditions.

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