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Eco-Friendly Makeup

Eco-Friendly Makeup

If you’re a lover of makeup as well as the environment, then there are two brands you simply need to know about. Both known and loved for their eco-friendly approach to makeup and their clear consciousness of the planet, Eco Tools and So Eco are doing a great job of spreading awareness of excessive waste issues and promoting what can be done to tackle the problem.

Eco Tools

Ecologically aware beauty brand Eco Tools was founded by sisters Jen and Stacey in an effort to create affordable, high quality makeup brushes that are completely cruelty free, and sourced from recyclable materials. Their positive and respectful outlook towards the environment, as well as their super chic designs makes these products well worth investing in, particularly if you regard these issues as important. With a brand new look recently introduced to mark the celebration of their 10th anniversary, this vegan friendly, PETA approved company continues to expand and see a rise in popularity within the makeup industry.

All of their brush handles are made from renewable bamboo – the fastest growing plant in the world, and all of their packaging is made from 100% tree-free paper and is instead curated from a mixture of 20% cotton and 80% bamboo fibres.

Our top Eco Tools picks:

  • Skin perfecting brush – use to perfectly apply BB and CC creams for a subtle, soft focus finish
  • Eye perfecting brush – its firm, dense bristles allow for optimal blending
  • Bamboo powder brush – use alongside powder to complete your make up look and keep oily skin at bay 

So Eco

With a similar concept and shared values behind them, environmentally friendly brand So Eco also aim to produce a range of makeup brushes and tools, all created from renewable, ethically sourced materials. The company is focal to excessive packaging and waste issues, and they tackle this by ensuring all of their products are responsibly sourced and come in biodegradable packaging. Like the Eco Tools brushes, So Eco’s brushes have been expertly designed with bamboo handles and recycled aluminium ferrule and taklon.

The bristles are super soft, made from cruelty free materials and all makeup sets are contained in unbleached, natural cotton, wrap-style cases that are ideal for on the go. All writing on packaging has been printed using planet friendly vegetable inks, and the windows are made from corn starch, held together with solvent free, water based adhesive.

Their brand new, stunning rose gold designs and updated packaging has been a huge success, making them a popular choice amongst beauty bloggers and all eco-aware makeup fans!

Our top So Eco picks:

  • Face brush kit – includes four handcrafted brushes that are key to achieving any complete makeup look
  • Eye duo brush set – these two double ended tools are perfect for a professional application of an array of products and formulas
  • Complexion sponge – crafted from latex this sponge allows for a flawless, blended finish or liquid and cream products 

Helping the environment and opting for cruelty free alternatives when purchasing makeup related products doesn’t mean you have to compromise on style or quality, So Eco and Eco Tools offer affordable beauty items that are extremely current and chic - so why not save the planet one makeup brush at a time?!

Browse our Eco Tools collection here, and click here to see what So Eco have to offer.

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